Name  Schwierigkeitsgrad
 2 Hell And Back  Beginner
 24_By_24  Intermediate
 Tag On  Beginner
 Tango With Me Darling  Intermediate
 Teddyboy  Beginner / Intermediate
 Tell The World  Beginner / Intermediate
 Ten Rounds  Beginner / Intermediate
 Thankful  Beginner / Intermediate
 That_Man  Beginner / Intermediate
 There_Goes_My_Heart_(Partner)  Beginner
  The Boat To Liverpool  Intermediate
 The Galway Gathering  Beginner
  The_Legend  Intermediate
 The Outback  Intermediate
 The Picnic Polka  Beginner
 The Right To Remain Silent  Intermediate
 The Trail  Intermediate
 The Twist  Partnerdance
 The_Angels_Cried  Beginner
 The_Flute  Intermediate
 Things We Do  Beginner / Intermediate
 Think Of Me  Intermediate
  This_&_That  Beginner
  Those Russians  Intermediate
 Three Beers To Mexico  Beginner / Intermediate
 Ticket To Heaven  Beginner / Intermediate
 Time 2 Fly  Intermediate
 Time To Swing  Intermediate
 TinkaBelle  Beginner / Intermediate
 Toes  Beginner
 T'Morrow_Never_Knows  Beginner
 Travelin' Music  Novice
  Truck_A_Truck  Intermediate
 True_Love_Two_Step  Novice
 Tumbleweed  Beginner
 Tush Push  Beginner / Intermediate
 The_Angels_Cried  Beginner
 The King And I  Beginner